strengthening local infrastructure

We invest in reliable infrastructure and robust community programmes that improve access to clean water, health care, and educational resources for the rural communities of the Yaqara Valley, near the FIJI Water plant.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Maintaining clean water sources year-round

In collaboration with the village water committees, we support the ongoing maintenance of clean water sources to the villages of Naseyani, Nananu, Rabulu, Togovere, and Drauniivi.

Health & Wellness

Building community health centres

By building community health centres that service Naseyani, Nananu, and Rabulu, we have provided these communities a dedicated place where Ministry of Health workers can come regularly to conduct health screenings, provide immunisations, conduct basic first aid, and deliver medications to these rural villages.


Supporting the local schools

Through ongoing infrastructure projects that enhance students’ learning environments, we are proud to work with the local schools that serve the children of the Yaqara Valley. A few recent projects include:

  • Enhancing the Secondary School library

  • Rebuilding the bus shelter after Cyclone Yasa

  • Improving the walkway into the school

  • Donating 67,000 backpacks and school supplies

  • One-on-one tutoring for the children of employees

Emergency Relief

Responding to natural disasters in our backyard

As members of the community, our staff are often the first to respond to the needs of their neighbours after disasters strike. By doing village safety and wellness checks, they are able to quickly assess who is in immediate need and provide them with essential resources like tarpaulins, torches, food, and water in the aftermath of disasters.