We invest in and collaborate with the communities where the employees of FIJI Water live and work to build a thriving Fiji together.

Our Grants and Programmes

Classroom Grants

Offering teachers grants of up to FJ$5,000.

Through Classroom Grants, teachers can better prepare the next generation of Fijians to learn and thrive.

Community Grants

Providing annual grants to organisations doing life-changing work in Fiji.

With a focus on the provinces of Ra and Ba–where the majority of our employees live and work–we partner with organisations that are increasing positive outcomes in health, education, and community development.

Emergency Relief

Through engagement with local partners and communities, we are ready to provide essential resources and timely assistance before, during, and after catastrophic events in Fiji.

Strengthening Local Infrastructure

We invest in reliable infrastructure and robust community programmes that improve access to clean water, health care, and educational resources for the rural communities of the Yaqara Valley, near the FIJI Water plant.

Our Giving Priorities

  • Education Programmes

    Investing in education to bring innovative academic resources to classrooms.

  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

    Funding clean and sustainable water solutions for rural communities.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Preserving and protecting Fiji’s natural resources for future generations.

  • Health and Wellness

    Improving access to local health care resources.

  • Emergency Relief

    Providing resources and assistance before, during, and after catastrophic events.

  • Community Development 

    Advancing economic opportunities for Fijians through strategic partnerships.

See Our Work in Action

With more than a decade of work in Fiji, we are proud to share a few recent impact stories through these videos.

67,000 happy students return to school with backpacks and school supplies

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2022 Year in Review: Building, growing, working, and serving together

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25 households gain access to clean, running water for the first time

Watch the Video

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